Leading a team can be daunting, so having the right kind of support is essential. Perhaps you have stepped into a new leadership position and haven’t yet established your key networks. Alternatively, you may feel ‘stuck’ in your career or want to develop better skills in your current role. Whatever the case, a critical friend can act as a sounding board, helping to navigate problems in a structured way.

This is where coaching and mentoring come in.

Coaching works from the principle that you hold all your own solutions, with the coach on hand to facilitate learning and growth. Executive Coaching can be a transformative experience, developing your confidence and performance at work.

Mentoring combines the principles of coaching with subject matter expertise. More guidance and advice are offered, usually by someone who has experience in your position.

Both are powerful ways to help you become the leader you want to be. I offer either approach and together we can choose the program that is right for you.


Effective coaching…


with the help of counselling skills, I hear what’s going on beneath the surface. This helps me suss out the dynamics at play and do it quickly.


how people take responsibility and accountability affects how they foster organisational change. I am astute in my observations and this can help a leader think about how they evolve both professionally and personally.


the world in which you operate. Having held roles at all levels of charities, I have a solid understanding of the types of challenges you may be facing. And as a qualified coach with an MSc in Voluntary Sector Organisation, I have the toolkit to guide you through the challenges ahead.

ready to evolve?

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